Nano cellulose fibres from root vegetables

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Revolutionary Technology: Vegetables used for high-performance materials

CelluComp has invented a proprietary process that is unique in allowing the properties of cellulose nano-fibres to be fully utilised. Curran® fibres are strong, stiff and light; properties which allow the production of composites with performance characteristics comparable to those based on conventional carbon fibre technology. Bio-composites based on Curran® can be based on a variety of conventional resins such as epoxy, polyurethane and polyester. The platelet structure of Curran® fibres also makes them effective rheology modifiers in end uses such as paints & coatings, concrete, drilling fluids, cosmetics, personal care and home care products. The same platelet structure provides impressive reinforcing effects in paints & coatings, concrete and some personal care products. Curran® is compatible in a variety of common water based polymer systems such as epoxies, acrylics and polyurethanes.

Cellucomp - our products

A Sustainable and Green alternative

Curran® is manufactured from waste streams produced by the food processing industry. Common raw materials are carrots or sugar beet and, because only materials otherwise discarded by the food industry are used, it does not compete with food crops for scarce land. CelluComp is working with major players in the food processing industry to optimise use of vegetable waste. Compared to other existing materials used as rheology additives, Curran® has a low carbon footprint due to its efficient process, uses far fewer chemicals and emits no toxic gases into the atmosphere.

Curran® supply forms

Cellucomp - our products

Curran® Paste/Slurry

Curran® in its primary state is a thick paste, with approx. 5% solid matter and 95% water. Further dilution to approx. 3% solids provides a pumpable slurry. Both paste and slurry forms are readily mixed into water based coating formulations, resins, cosmetics and other aqueous liquids.

Cellucomp - our products

Curran® Powder

Curran® powder is produced from the slurry material by removal of water. Powders are free-flowing and dust free, with a solids level of approx. 15% – 25%. Powders are the most popular form for use in paints & coatings and are convenient for transport, storage and use. Dispersion into aqueous systems is readily achieved using conventional industry mixing equipment.

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