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Additive: Paints & Coatings

Curran® has a unique set of features and benefits that make it a valuable option for paint and coating formulators looking for solutions to rheology, application and film performance challenges. In particular, Curran® shows rheological stability in a wide range of PH levels and resins, with salts and glycols giving a wide range of formulating flexibility and opportunities to lower formulation costs. Combined with its renewable and environmentally friendly nature, zero VOC and water-friendly nature, this makes Curran® a great choice for companies developing Eco-friendly paints and coatings.

Paints & Coatings Features/Benefits Summary
Feature Benefit
Based on waste streams of renewable raw materials Increased eco-friendly coating formulations
Unique fibre technology Efficient viscosity modification
Zero VOC Reduced VOC coatings
APE free Environmentally friendly coatings
Non-toxic Safe and easy to handle
Very low dust No workplace environmental dust problems
Pseudoplastic Highly efficient shear thinning rheology modifier
High efficiency Low loadings required if used only for rheology modification
High viscosity at low-shear Excellent anti-settling properties in pigmented systems
Good sag control
Chemically & physically inert Excellent shelf stability of coating
Rapid hydration in water Can be added direct to coating; no need to pre-hydrate
Effective across a wide pH range Hydration possible in pH range 5-9; Formulating flexibility
Film Properties
Low film disruption Good gloss retention at low addition levels
Film reinforcing effect Increased film hardness
Good flexibility retention
Film reinforcing effect Increased crack resistance during curing
Lowered coalescent requirement
Good water resistance Broad application possibilities including moisture resistant decorative paints or industrial coatings
Good corrosion resistance Broad application possibilities including industrial coatings
Good chemical/stain performance Broad application possibilities and formulation flexibility

Additive: Concrete

Curran® has been shown to improve rheological behaviour and enhance flexural strength in concrete.

Additive: Drilling fluids

The benefits of a green rheology modifier for Oil & Gas drilling are well appreciated. Combined with other materials Curran® contributes to overall performance in a range of operations.

Composite Materials

Curran® was first introduced through two composite products; a fishing rod called The Reactor™ which won the ‘best rod in show’ award at ICAST in Las Vegas. The Reactor™ blended the unique properties of Curran® and carbon fibre, with the former providing light weight, improved impact strength and improved dampening and the later proving ultimate strength. Curran® in sheet form has also been used to produce a high end skateboard with the help of Alex Luxat, designer of Wefunk.

Additives: other potential applications

Other applications for Curran® include home care, personal care, paper/packaging production, food production, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.



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